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Questions & Answers

Q: Granite Countertops 2cm vs 3cm?

A: 3cm counters ar thicker than their 2cm counterparts and in that respect are stronger, but not necessarily better.  In a kitchen counter application, when installed correctly, either thickness is more than adequate as far as strength is concerned. The differences between the two are really cosmetic and possibly the fabricators preference. 2cm granite counters require more labor then the more costly 3cm granite. Almost all 2cm counters are laminated on the finished edge, meaning the granite actually appears to be 4cm thick. When placed next to a 3cm edge it actually appears thicker. A common concern and deciding factor is the backsplash thickness.  Many people consider a 3cm backsplash too thick and disproportionate to the counters.                  


Q: Is granite expensive?

A: The cost of granite and granite counters are unusually competitively priced compared to other high-end surfacing materials.  You will be amazed when you compare the price of granite to other popularly farmed "luxury surfaces".  Granite offers you an unmatched value with its natural beauty, elegance and longevity.


​Q: Can I set a hot pot on my granite countertop?

A: ​Granite is formed by extreme heat combined with pressure underneath the earth's crust.  It is extremely unlikely that a granite counter would crack or discolor when exposed to a hot pot or pan because it is heat proof.


Q: Will granite lose its polish over the years?

A: While this may be true of marble, granite will shine years from now just as if it was brand new.  Granite counters are highly scratch resistant and will not show wear from daily use.


Q: How do I clean my granite Countertops?

A: Granite is the easiest of all counters to clean and maintain. Wipe down your granite countertops with soapy water and dry with soft cloth.  To buff or shine use window cleaner or stone cleaner and seal as needed with a stone sealer such as Drytreat.


Q: What is the the typical lead time for a kitchen project from start to finish?

A: From the time we template your job to the time we install is typically 5-7 business days, but can vary.